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IndustrialQUIP is your pump and supply headquarters.

We offer a variety of rental pumps that will get the job done fast.  We also offer custom package units for sale.  Electric, Diesel, or natural gas, please inquire and we will size the proper pump to the proper engine to most efficiently do the job. Remote access through your tablet or smart phone is available.

Here are a few of our most common packages and their performance specs.


4×4 Transfer Pump

Super 4×4 Transfer Pump

6×6 Transfer Pump

8×8 Transfer Pump

6×3 High Head Pump

10×8 Medium Head

10×8 High Head 550

10×8 High Head 600


Model 4414T Trailer mounted trash pump, Vacuum assisted, heavy duty solids handling pump, 4 inch x 4 inch AISI 125# flanges Model 8NNT-SA Trailer mounted Trash pump, Vacuum assisted, Heavy duty solids handling pump, 8 inch x 8 inch AISI 150# flanges
Model 8NHTH-RP-DC13-T250 Trailer mounted pump, Vacuum assisted, engine driven Heavy dry prime pump, 10 inch x 8 inch AISI 125# flanges Model 3HC-RP-6068HF285-150 6 inch x 3 inch REDI Prime Booster Pump, High head pump, vacuum assisted, engine driven, heavy duty prime pump

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industrial equipment rental and purchase pump_fracwater pumps and lat flat hose industrialquip


We have the powerful, high-volume water pumps for frac water transport.  Whatever your specific need, we can help you the push water through our lay flat hose across miles rugged terrain to your job site.


Road Crossings

Our custom fabricated road crossings offer accommodating solutions for land owners and protect valuable lay flat hoses transporting frac water.

Pipe and Hose Trailers

These specialty fabricated trailers allow a three man team to install our high-quality H2Xp lay flat hose over some of the most challenging terrain with ease and the speed our customers need.


custom_induistrial_equipment_manifold_trailer_lay_flat_hose_pump_frac water_industrialquip

Trailer Manifolds

Our highly-skilled fabrication teams can produce a mobile manifold systems specific to our customers needs that deliver the performace, reliability and flexibilty well into the future.

Our customers love us!

“IndustrialQUIP, 2 miles of great lay flat hose. Two days, we were pumping plenty of water. Thanks IQ !”   Kelly Berthold_La Grange, Texas

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Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Lay Flat Hose

IndustrialQUIP’s H2Xp lay flat hose is a better,  stronger lay flat hose. It has greater UV protection, a higher cold tolerance. Resistant to chemical? Yes, of course. A great lay flat hose to transport produced water, including uses in the oil production industry. Our high quality(see specs) TPU lay flat hose demonstrates industry-leading burst and working pressures. H2Xp is also designed and built in with superior abrasion and puncture resistance. For any terrain, our strong and durable lay flat hose dominates . Read more

We are full service. Whether you rent or purchase, we offer a Rig-Up and Rig-Down service. We can deliver your hose wherever you need it and rig it up. Job done, we rig it down and pick it up. No worries. No hassles.


Applications: H2X Lay Flat Hoses
Our lay flay hoses are ideal for liquid transport hose for; Construction, Mining, Marine, Chemical Transfers, Oil & Gas Frac Water Services, Oil & Gas (with electro-conductive fiber), Potable Water, Waste Water. Read more about applications.


thermoplastic_polyurethane_tpu_lay_flat_hose_industrialquip_rental or purchase

Quality: H2X Lay Flat Hoses
• Premium Thermoplastic Polyurethane(TPU) used to ensure superior abrasion resistance. We don’t mix polyurethanes (a technique used by lower grade factories).
• The special single extrusion…very strong bonding. Read more about manufacturing.

• Each weave is monitored 24 hours every day.
• Each hose is tested with heads for 3 hours at 1.5 times working pressure rather than 30 minutes like the lower grade factories. See specs.

lay flat hose burst test thermoplastic polyurethane tpu lay flat hose video link image
10″ H2Xp Burst Test


12″ H2Xp Burst Test



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